Ampelite Australia  is an experienced producer of fiberglass sheeting for domestic and industrial applications. Ampelite Australia uses raw materials and the latest resin technology in manufacturing all kinds of Ampelite fibreglass sheeting. Ampelite Australia follows an automatic processing that is controlled in order to ensure that each and every phase of the manufacture is completely consistent from batch to batch. Ampelite Australia’s range of industrial and premium industrial grade sheeting is produced strictly in accordance with AS or NZS 4256 parts 1 and 3:1994.

The sheeting provided by Ampelite Australia can be specified from 2400 grams per metre square up to 4880 grams per metre square. The colour variety provided by Ampelite Australia consists of opal (white), clear and Haze Green.

Ampelite Australia also offers grey filled profiled sheets that are manufactured to cool tower louvers and cladding. Webglas GC is confirming its worth in terms of buildings and where steel, other roofing or wall cladding materials deteriorate or corrode at an unacceptable rate. Webglas GC, provided by Ampelite Australia, offers overall strength that does not require wire safety mesh.