The recent bushfires in Australia inflicted heavy damage across the land, destroying forests and buildings, and displacing both humans and wildlife. The fire took its toll on Kangaroo Island and the Adelaide Hills in South Australia. The fire on Kangaroo Island, which was sparked by lightning strikes in December 2019, burnt its way through half of the island, destroying more than 200,000 hectares.

As part of the recovery efforts, it was decided to build a new Koala Hospital at the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park to provide refuge to a large number of koalas that had either been injured or had lost their natural habitat on the island.

Radio presenter and host of South Aussie with Cosi, Andrew Costello took to Facebook to seek help from the South Australian building industry. While Channel 9’s hit TV show ‘The Block’ provided the labour, many local businesses including Ametalin chipped in with the materials.

The Koala Hospital was completed in just one week from start to finish, with the reveal presented on the Today Show – live from Kangaroo Island.

Ametalin proudly supports this initiative for the welfare of animals at the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park.