In commercial applications that require working at height, ladder safety is paramount. With research showing that roughly 5,000 Australians are hospitalised for ladder fall injuries each year and a 47% increase in these injuries between 2002 and 2012, it’s imperative that designers and specifiers opt for high-performance ladder solutions that prioritise safety. Safe Work Australia has also noted that working at heights is one of the highest risk activities in the workplace, with 11% of all deaths at work occurring after a fall from height. 

Sobering figures like these highlight the need for reliable and versatile ladder solutions to provide safe access from floor to ceiling or floor to roof in commercial environments. AM-BOSS has been manufacturing pull-down access ladders for more than 40 years with a strong focus on safety and performance. AM-BOSS ladders are fit for use in a range of spaces, heights and applications like commercial buildings, residences, factories and hospitals. 

AM-BOSS commercial access ladders are built to withstand daily use as well as fluctuating temperatures, inclement weather, and other changeable external factors. They are ideal as part of the maintenance infrastructure for large buildings to facilitate access to pipes, ventilation or rooftop areas and can be customised to fit within the confines of the particular space. All AM-BOSS access ladders have load capacity of 150kg, but on heavy-duty commercial models, this is increased to 400kg - at any point, not spread weight. Commercial access ladders also come with a range of fall prevention and fall arrest options to ensure optimum safety for those working at height. 

One of the most practical fall protection solutions for taller applications is a ladder cage - indeed, AS1657:2018 Fixed platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders - Design, construction and installation mandates the use of ladder cages where a person may fall 6 metres or more. Options like the AM-BOSS caged tread ladder or caged rung ladder are designed for worker safety and comply fully with all relevant standards. Cages are lockable to prevent unauthorised access and optional extras like a flat locking plate serve to secure the ladders from trespassers. 

While fixed-rung caged ladders are frequently used to facilitate external rooftop access on multi-storey buildings, internal rooftop access is often through a manhole behind a suspended ceiling. AM-BOSS has 30 years of experience in this area and offers a range of suspended ceiling access ladders that use a specially-developed galvanised steel profile to meet the specific challenges of these applications. The Ceiling Space ladder is fitted to the underside of the roof hatch and is braced to keep the support frame 40mm above the suspended ceiling, meaning the roof supports the weight - not the ceiling. 

Fire rated materials are imperative in any commercial application, and it is especially important that ladders perform well under emergency circumstances to facilitate the safe evacuation of spaces. The Inferno-Boss™ fire-rated ladder is compliant with AS 1530.4:2014 Methods for fire tests on building materials, components and structures, Fire-resistance tests for elements of construction and has a Fire Resistance Level of -/90/90 (indicating no requirement for structural adequacy, maintains integrity for 90 minutes, insulated for 90 minutes). With a load capacity of 200kg+ at four structural points, it is an ideal solution for commercial applications where fire resistance is paramount. 

Across all product ranges, AM-BOSS access ladders are manufactured to the highest standards with the highest quality materials. Ladders are constructed using 100% Australian welded aluminium which means they are strong but lightweight and corrosion resistant. Steel parts (such as springs) are zinc-plated to extend lifespan and reduce ongoing maintenance requirements. Pull-down access ladders are carefully counter-balanced for ease of use and all ladders are installed to ensure even spacing between rungs or treads and the floor for consistency and safety. 

Safety is a central concern when using ladders and ensuring safe access from floor to ceiling or floor to roof is paramount. The AM-BOSS range of commercial access ladders is durable, high-performing, compliant and built for safety - providing designers, specifiers and workers with peace of mind.