The Australian building industry is in crisis. A compliance crisis that comes with many associated dangers - and, according to an economic analysis, a hefty price tag of $6.2 billion dollars.

Compliance oversights led to the fatal events in London’s Grenfell Tower in 2017, and highlighted the importance of construction compliance around the world. In Australia, the event prompted the government’s inquiry into the country's building and construction system bringing the lack of compliance and the dangers that come with it into sharp focus. The inquiry resulted in a report released in February 2018 which included numerous recommendations on strengthening the effective implementation of the National Construction Code (NCC). 

Nevertheless, just a few months after the report was released, Australia was struck by a near-tragedy on its own turf. Following an appearance of cracks, Sydney’s Opal Tower had to be evacuated. On Christmas Eve, 3,000 residents were escorted out of the building which sparked further concerns around the compliance, quality of developments and the approvals process of high-rise apartment buildings across the country.

It comes as no surprise that the latest report commissioned by the Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining and Energy Union is called ‘Shaky Foundations: The National Crisis In Construction’. It shines a light on major shortcomings, breaches and failures in the Australian construction industry. According to the report, over 3,400 residential apartment blocks might have dangerous combustible cladding and it’s the lack of enforcement of the existing building standards, that is one of the main causes of this national crisis.

Today, compliance and selecting compliant products by builders, surveyors and certifiers is more important than ever before. 

That’s why 100% Australian made and owned AM-BOSS, industry leader when it comes to the purpose-built pull-down access ladder systems, put compliance first. They’re a pioneer of the installation of pull-down ladders into suspended ceilings and are the first and only company of that kind that complies with the Building Code of Australia. Furthermore, in 2011 they set a precedent by becoming the first company of that kind to comply with the BCA through the National Construction Code CodeMark Certification scheme - and offer a CodeMark Certified pull-down attic access ladders range. 

As it currently stands, the Australian Standard AS1657-2018 doesn’t cover “into ceiling” pull-down access ladders as it relates to fixed and portable ladders. Nevertheless, AM-BOSS - through its procedures and thorough quality testing - demonstrates compliance with the National Construction Code series and includes elements from AS1657-2018 such as gradient of the ladder, step spacing, slip resistant treads and 500mm tread width where applicable. 
Apart from the commercial and industrial range of products widely used by some of Australia’s most safety-conscious clients in governmental buildings, industrial plants and healthcare facilities, AM-BOSS offer an excellent selection of domestic loft ladders giving builders, specifiers and certifiers piece of mind when it comes to compliance and safety in residential projects.  

In order to provide the highest quality of product, AM-BOSS ensure that their domestic ranges ‘Access-Boss’ and ‘Big-Boss’ are manufactured using only premium-grade materials. They are constructed from locally sourced aluminium, which is welded in-house, and include zinc-plating of metal components which guarantees exceptional durability and commercial strength. Specifiers and clients can choose from standard and full-length handrails, while dust and draught sealing strips - as well as slim-fitted architraves - also come as standard. 

All domestic models are easy to install and feature concealed hinges. The range is adjustable, whilst the clever spring counterbalance system minimises tension on the individual components when the hatch is closed - which further contributes to the longevity of the product.

Apart from the innovative products and using the highest quality materials in the manufacturing process, it’s the staff training and thorough quality control procedures that set AM-BOSS apart from the rest of the competition. Their philosophy of providing consistent product quality and adhering to the best customer service levels makes quality the responsibility of every employee and, as a result, this Australian market leader offers a 20-year warranty on their domestic loft ladders. 

There’s no doubt that AM-BOSS’ pronounced focus on compliance, safety and quality combined with the wide range of easy to install products makes it an excellent choice for any industry professional. Explore their domestic range here to see how AM-BOSS can take your next project to the next level when it comes to compliance, quality and safety.