X-Bond Seamless Stone, a water-based seamless stone overlay system met the high standards of a renowned fashion designer who sought a more modern look for his contemporary residence in the Hollywood Hills. X-Bond Seamless Stone was widely used in several applications at the house from covering immense slab walls to correcting sloping roof decks.

Located off Sunset Boulevard high in the fashionable Hollywood Hills, the beautiful home was purchased by the internationally famous New York-based fashion designer, who wasn’t happy with the existing stone floors and exterior walls.

The home featured two expansive walls measuring 15x20' and 25x30', one made of black granite and the other incorporating travertine stone, neither of which met the designer's conceptual vision. Though he wanted to use ARDX grey concrete initially, this option was not feasible due to the product's thickness. Demolition was the other option, but it would have been costly and time-consuming, given the multiple requirements preceding the work including architectural/ engineering drawings for permits (estimated time 10 days); approval (up to 2-3 weeks); stone removal (estimated 2 weeks); stud replacement (estimated 3 weeks); cement board installation (estimated 1 week); waterproof membrane installation (estimated 4 days); stone installation (estimated 2 weeks); and inspections, municipal approval and HOA approval (3-5 weeks).

Since the property was located on a narrow winding mountain road, debris removal after demolition would have presented an additional problem. With a projected demolition timeline of 12-15 weeks, this option was quickly abandoned.


The engineers faced three main challenges with this residential renovation:

Challenge 1: Creating a consistent surface on immense 25-foot walls

Solution: Using scaffolding with three men on top, three in the middle, and three on the bottom allowed the applicators to apply smooth, even coats of X-Bond.

Challenge 2: Creating a solution for the silicone-caulked wall seams

Solution: On exposure to the sun, the silicone seams warmed up and expanded, creating a vein-like appearance. The silicone was cut out and filled with X-Bond Seamless Stone to remedy the problem.

Challenge 3: Levelling sloped floors

Solution: The sloping on floor surfaces was corrected using the X-Bond system, which helped bring the floor up by four inches, while ensuring a secure molecular bond to the existing slab.


A total of 1,200 square metres of X-Bond Seamless Stone was installed throughout the designer's home, covering the exterior granite walls, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room, hallways, pool deck, house exterior, and a white marble bathroom. Improperly sloped roof deck drains were also ground down and built up using X-Bond, ensuring proper water flow.


Since the initial application, the fashion designer has added X-Bond to two baths and a kitchen downstairs. This installation also inspired several celebrity friends and close family members of the designer to choose X-Bond for their surfacing and remodelling projects.

X-Bond Seamless Stone is available from Alternative Surfaces.