A seamless surface on bathroom floors and walls is not only beautiful but also low maintenance for the user. This can be achieved using X-Bond Seamless Stone from Alternative Surfaces, a water-based seamless stone overlay system formulated for application directly over concrete, tiles and sheeting.

Many customers in recent years have chosen X-Bond Seamless Stone for their bathrooms to achieve the coveted seamless look.

Key benefits of X-Bond Seamless Stone:

No grout lines

X-Bond Seamless Stone eliminates the messy and difficult task of cleaning out scum from grout lines in shower tiles. Therefore, having a seamless surface in the shower not only creates a unique look but also saves you time and elbow grease.

Remodel without removal

A bathroom renovation typically involves removing the old tiles and replacing them with new ones. Tile removal is not only hassle-filled and messy but also time-consuming with planned schedules often getting extended. X-Bond Seamless Stone can instead be hand trowelled directly over the tiles, saving you a lot of time and money.

Low maintenance

An X-Bond Seamless Stone surface is easy to clean and maintain over the long term.

Complements a range of materials

X-Bond Seamless Stone is an excellent match for a range of materials including wood, marble, stone, chrome and steel.