Altech Australia  is an Australian based distributor of hardware products to its customers. Altech Australia was launched in the year 1997. Altech Australia has rapidly expanded across Australia with office and warehouse facilities in Brisbane, Perth, Sydney and Melbourne offering a broad product range to the IT sector. Altech Australia is one of the nation’s leading and successful distributors of pre-built systems and computer components. Altech Australia offers its products at competitive price. The client’s base of Altech Australia exceeds 6000 customers Australia wide.

The component variety offered by Altech Australia comprises of alarms, case, Barebone systems, cables and connectors, computer systems, CPU, data storage, digital cameras, fans and cooling products, HDD, GPS, FDD, Intel server products, keyboard, KVM, modems, monitor, motherboards. Altech Australia also offers component varieties such as mouse and input devices, MP3, NAS( Network Attached Storage), network, notebook, optical storage, printer, projectors, scanners, software, sound cards, speakers, headphones, mic, surveillance, UPS, videocards, UBS and firewire, ZIP and REV drive. Altech Australia offers kit category such as computer (Intel based), servers, DVR (Digital Video Surveillance), computer (AMD based), small form factor, NAS (Network Attached Storage) and home server.