ProGlide High Performance sliding doors from Alspec were adapted to fit the curved balconies of Bombora Apartments in Cronulla, NSW.

A five-level residential complex located just one street from the popular Cronulla Beach, 30km south of Sydney, Bombora Apartments, designed by Vic Lake Architects, comprise two towers connected by a central lobby. The ovoidal forms of the structure were an architectural response to the shape of the site, which was narrower to the south and wider to the north.

To bring the architects’ vision to life in these luxury apartments, Alspec’s ProGlide High Performance sliding doors were cleverly adapted to a curved form to suit the development’s uniquely shaped balconies.

Designed to optimise access to the sweeping ocean views, the curved balconies required sliding doors, which would allow the free-flowing living and dining areas to merge seamlessly with the outdoor areas. Fabricator Dyna-Fix adapted Alspec’s ProGlide High Performance sliding doors to address the curved requirements.

Successfully trialled in a previous project, the hybrid system combines ProGlide sliding doors with Henderson top tracks. This allows the floor-to-ceiling doors to travel along a curved track to complete a gently faceted glazed façade when closed.

Given the proximity to the sea, ProGlide doors were an excellent choice to deal with the rigours of the marine environment. Their robust construction from heavy duty aluminium and proven all-weather protection features ensure dependable and enduring operation. ProGlide doors can be configured with up to four panels stacking in each direction and can accommodate up to 28mm double glazed units to meet thermal and acoustic specifications.

Additionally, Alspec’s McArthur 101.6mm centre pocket framing was installed for fixed framing requirements across the project. Popular in both commercial and residential environments for its sharp unbroken lines, the McArthur framing provides excellent weather protection as well as the security benefits that come with centre pocket style framing.

Vic Lake Architects won first place in the ‘Architecture Multiple Residence’ category of the Asia Pacific International Property Awards for their design vision for the luxury beachside apartments.

Photography: Greg Davis Photography