The new Stanhope Anglican Church is a modern place of worship for the growing Anglican Church community in Stanhope Gardens, NSW. Soaring triangular walls shaped from patterned brickwork and glazing create a commanding facade for this church in Sydney’s northwest.

Located on a prominent corner site in the growing residential suburb of Stanhope Gardens, the Stanhope Anglican Church designed by architect Silvester Fuller features a spacious multipurpose auditorium with an adjacent foyer and hub community area. In addition to regular church services, the facility will be used to extend the congregation’s community activities to cater for the increasing number of families, children and youth living in the developing residential suburb.

The peaked facades of the building feature lattice brickwork in combination with Alspec window and door framing solutions shaped to fit the angular dimensions. Products used include fixed glazing panels and a series of entry/exit doors, which enclose both ends of the building, emphasising natural light while keeping the venue secure and well insulated.

When constructing patterned brickwork in front of the windows, a glazing solution was sought that would allow easy access for cleaning. Alspec’s Swan Evo 45mm commercial doors, which provide the necessary access for cleaning, also maintain a secure and energy efficient barrier when closed. Swan Evo doors are a popular Alspec product for both residential and commercial builds, being hardwearing products with robust construction and accommodating panels up to 3m high. The doors can be configured in hinged, sliding or pivoted options as needed, and accept either single glazing 6mm-13.5mm or double glazing 18mm- 28mm.

The Swan Evo doors tie in well with the Hunter Evo 150mm flush glazed framing, which was selected for the fixed glazed portions of the building. Hunter Evo framing is easy to fabricate and install and integrates with the full range of Alspec products. It will add to the building’s energy performance credentials as well as provide enhanced all-weather performance thanks to self-draining sub sills, which prevent water ingress.

Photography: Vashner Muhi