Several door and window framing products from Alspec were specified for a new learning hub at St Rita’s College in Clayfield, QLD.

Designed by m3architecture, the Trinity Centre is a new music, drama and classroom centre, creating modern learning spaces, and revitalising the heart of this nearly 100-year-old independent girls’ school. Various solar protection measures combined with energy efficient building features have delivered a light-filled and spacious learning hub for students at the historic Brisbane college.

The five-level development constructed within the college grounds has been designed to connect with the adjacent existing heritage buildings. The new addition comprises an auditorium, classrooms, a drama studio, music practice rooms, student social spaces and staff areas.

Given the warm Queensland climate and the new development’s proximity to neighbouring properties, due consideration was given to building features that would help minimise cooling costs and address acoustic concerns.

A selection of double glazed window and door framing products from Alspec was deployed across the learning hub, along with strategically placed fixed louvres. While both products assist with solar management, the double glazing will also help to minimise sound transfer.

Solaire fixed louvres were installed on the façade to reduce the amount of direct sunlight and heat transfer across windows, helping to keep interiors cool while retaining the benefits of natural light in the learning environment. Solaire louvres are available as horizontal fins, vertical blades or window hoods, and benefit from the unique Solaire Locking Bar, which provides structural integrity and prevents louvre sections from becoming unclipped.

For façade sections requiring double glazing, two of Alspec’s energy efficient framing products – ecoFRAMEplus and Hunter Evo – were installed.

ecoFRAMEplus 101.6mm is a centre pocket style of framing that delivers both energy efficiency and exceptional strength, making it ideal for the tall walls of glazing featured on the south side of the centre. The Hunter Evo framing, an equally robust framing style with a flush glazed appearance, was used in both 101.6mm and 150mm frame depths.

MacArthur Evo framing was used for areas requiring only single glazing. Also a centre pocket style frame, it delivers security benefits and a comparable flush glazed finish to the Hunter Evo and ecoFRAMEplus systems.

Swan Evo 45mm single glazed commercial doors were selected for building access points. Available in hinged, pivoted or sliding configurations, Swan doors are a proven performer in high use environments such as educational facilities.

Openable windows in Alspec’s 50mm awning style, also a durable performer with excellent acoustic and thermal properties, were installed across the development.

Alspec products installed at the Trinity Centre included ecoFRAMEplus 101.6mm centre pocket double glazed framing; Hunter Evo 101.6mm double flush glazed framing; Hunter Evo 150mm double flush glazed framing; McArthur Evo 101.6mm centre pocket framing; Swan Evo 45mm commercial shopfront doors; awning and casement windows; and Solaire fixed louvres. The applied finish was 25um Evershield - Sea Breeze.