The new arts centre at Bethany Lutheran Primary School in Raceview, QLD offers the perfect space for children to express themselves creatively while developing valuable skills such as confidence, concentration and teamwork. Students can explore a wide range of dance, drama, visual and media arts within the well-protected and secure arts centre. Completed in 2020, the centre gives students a series of light-filled welcoming spaces where they can explore their creative sides and showcase their efforts.

Located southwest of Brisbane, Bethany Lutheran Primary School teaches children from Prep to Year 6. As a vital addition to their innovative arts learning program, the new centre designed by PW Architects will be used for day-to-day classes as well as for art exhibitions and performances.

Various commercial window and door framing products from Alspec have been installed at the arts centre, based on their proven credentials in the high-use education environment. 

ProGlide High Performance sliding doors, Swan Evo commercial doors, McArthur Evo centre pocket framing and View-Max commercial sliding windows integrate seamlessly to deliver a well-protected, secure and inviting facility for the children.

Three sets of ProGlide High Performance sliding doors on the Art Centre’s main façade provide the key entry points to various areas of the building. Configured with two fixed and four sliding panels, the ProGlide doors are known for their ease of operation and serviceability, as well as proven performance in extreme weather conditions. The equally durable Swan Evo 45mm commercial doors serve other access points in hinged and pivoted configurations.

As a framing product, the McArthur Evo system is exceptionally robust and secure, and has excellent weathering properties thanks to its centre pocket style of glazing and self-draining sub sills. Available in either or 150mm frame depths, the system can accept single glazing up to 14.5mm.

The View-Max commercial sliding window is a high performance solution among openable windows with excellent weather, acoustic and thermal properties. The system includes Alspec’s unique locking and roller systems, along with specially designed drainage systems that ensure optimum weather performance. The windows integrate with McArthur Evo framing (101.6mm) but can also be utilised with narrower Derwent framing (76mm) when a slimline style is desired.

Photography: Troy Sanders