Allplastics Engineering has been engaged by several developers to provide innovative finishes in display suites for apartment projects.

An integral part of the sale process during the launch of apartment developments, display suites need to project a standout look to draw the attention of prospective customers. Builders, developers, architects and designers are constantly looking for innovative finishes that give their buildings that element of differentiation from thousands of apartments being built in major cities.

Allplastics is working with a number of developers who have specified innovative finishes to provide their display suites with a luxurious touch. European grade acrylic mirrors, available in silver, gold, bronze, grey and other colours, are being widely specified for this application.

Key benefits of acrylic mirrors include lightweight material in comparison with glass; safer and easier to handle on site; and ability to make the room look bigger and give ceilings and walls a classy finish.

Allplastics recently supplied silver acrylic mirrors for a newly opened home display suite at Wentworth Point in Sydney. The project managers, Thomsen Building Services were given a challenging brief by the interior architect.

According to Jason Thompson, managing director of Thomsen Building Services, standard glass mirror was not feasible due to safety concerns. However, Allplastics offered a practical solution by cutting and gluing the 3m x 2m sheets to deliver a stunning look. 

Allplastics offers acrylic mirrors in silver as well as various colours for a diverse range of applications where glass is not practical or economical to use. 

Allplastics’ acrylic mirrors can also be used for the cladding of kitchen islands. Scuffing can be avoided by introducing mesh or similar barriers that would minimise the risk of any damage to the mirror surface.