Alcoa Fastening Systems  provides high quality and durable fasteners to serve a wide range of applications in trailers, trucks, auto and commercial vehicles. The gamut of products produced by Alcoa Fastening Systems includes blind bolts, blind reverts, fluid products, bolts and screws, installation and removal tools, inserts and studs, latching systems and related mechanisms.

Alcoa Fastening Systems offers a blind fastening system which is specifically designed for composite structures. Blind bolts are cost effective, robust, vibrant resistant, light weight and easy to install. Blind reverts are also suitable for structures with limited access. These highly reliable bolts serve as alternative to solid rivets in various applications.

Alcoa Fastening Systems offers bolts and screws of various lengths and diameters. Fluid fittings like ring locked fittings, standard fittings and conical seals are also available from Alcoa Fastening Systems. Inserts and studs from Alcoa Fastening Systems are available in metric and unified sizes to meet international standards. These inserts and bolts serve automotive, aerospace and industrial markets. Alcoa Fastening Systems also offers a complete range of removal tools, installation tools and inspection gages.

Apart from this, Alcoa Fastening Systems also produces various latching systems which include clamps, pawl latches, pressure relief latches, speciality latches, panel latches and fastener locks.