An Australian-made halogen-free flame-retardant electrical conduit is becoming recognised not only for its flame-retardant qualities but also because of its polymer formulation as an environmentally friendly alternative to PVC.

The Evcco range of conduit from Albatech offers architects, builders, tradesmen and DIY markets a halogen-free flame retardant polymer formulated as an alternative to PVC conduit and containing no known toxins.

The four types of Australian-manufactured conduit are used to carry electrical cabling in surface and sub-surface applications and also used within safety equipment such as aspiration systems and air sampling systems for protection against smoke and toxicity.

Designed to improve industrial risk management (in applications ranging from factories, infrastructure, gas processing, mineral processing, coal washing and petroleum and food and primary product processing plants), the range is also lending itself to environmentally aware users such as Mark Bachmann, who is constructing a brand new eco house in Strathdownie, Victoria.

Mark Bachmann is installing environmentally friendly products and introducing ecologically friendly practices with the idea of reducing energy use and creating a healthier, self-sufficient house.

Besides adopting solar panels to source energy and rainwater tanks to conserve water, Mark Bachmann is installing Evcco conduit to carry cable within the slabs and rammed-earth walls of his house.

Mark Bachmann set out to create an ecologically sustainable and environmentally friendly house using products that cause minimal environmental damage and do not adversely affect human health.

“Everyone needs to become more aware of the environmental and health risks associated with PVC and several other common products used in constructing a modern house. You must do your research and specify what your objective is, because if you do not then you may be stuck with products you do not want, that produce nasty environmental or health side effects” says Mark Bachmann who has suggested to his contractors that they consider the Evcco product as an alternative to PVC on future projects.

The conduit employed by Mark Bachmann responds to industry and DIY demand for flexible, easily installed product especially formulated to meet high fire safety requirements in surface and sub-surface applications.

Instead of having to laboriously bend and weld metal conduit to follow the contours of trenches, tunnels and structures, the Evcco range has been developed for easy installation, modification and recycling as required.

“Our conduit systems are simple to install and just as simple to disassemble. This simplification allows time to be saved unlike traditional metal alternatives which are timely, costly and have harmful environmental side effects. The conduit systems are a cheaper, easier to install, environmentally friendlier option” says Albatech.

They appeal to environmentally aware professionals and home builders such as Mark Bachmann because, as an alternative to PVC, Evcco products are specifically formulated to minimise environmental risk.

Mark Bachmann hopes that by using the conduits, he will raise awareness of alternative products while educating builders and tradesmen. Mark Bachmann is so impressed with the product that he has just ordered another batch.

“Compared with comparatively thin-walled PVC conduit which becomes brittle with age, the Evcco conduit is a better quality, more stable product that you can tell will last” says Mark Bachmann. The new Evcco range comprises:

  • ENVIRO halogen-free medium duty (M.D.) UV-stabilised conduit
  • STD halogen-free, flame-retardant (HFFR) M.D. conduit with long-term UV protection
  • Hi-Po (HFFR) heavy duty (H.D.) conduit with high impact resistance and long-term UV protection
  • FRAS (HFFR) H.D. conduit with anti-static properties, high impact resistance and long-term UV protection. FRAS conduit is used where static electricity may be an issue, such as around data and computer installations, grain silos, coal storage, petro-chemical plants, solvent and paint manufacturing and gas processing.

Producing no corrosive or toxic flue gases in the event of a fire, the new safety polymer conduits are designed for areas where there are high concentrations of people, high concentrations of assets or risk of high costs due to production interruption.

Applications include advanced technology industrial plants, mining plants, rail and road tunnels, airports, subway systems, power plants, oil refineries, lifts, emergency plants, ships, aircraft, trains, computer and telecommunication installations. It can also be used in hospitals, schools, hotels, museums, theatres, shopping centres and conference centres.

Designed to easily follow the contours of tunnels, trenches and structures rather than being bent or welded into shape. The Evcco range has been formulated for maximum environmental benefit without degrading overall performance, including impact resistance.