Airtowel Hygiene Systems is a supplier of hand dryers and commercial washroom and related equipment. It also produces disabled grab rails that comply with AS1428.1.2001, hospital bed screens and shower tracks with curtains, ultra violet ozone units and airborne bacteria control units and commercial insect control equipment including zappers and sticky pad traps for use internally and externally.

Airtowel Hygiene Systems, formerly Riad Manufacturing, supplies across Australia and offshore to plumbing and electrical outlets, fast food outlets and commercial food equipment suppliers.

It has access to a range of soap, toilet roll and paper towel dispensers and baby change tables. Ultra violet ozone and airborne bacteria control units (with the re-emergence of many viruses and super flus) are often overlooked in commercial planning and applications. Ozone is used to combat odours (bacteria) in bin rooms, hotel/motel rooms and washrooms. Bacteria control units also sterilise the air that passes through them and can be used 24/7, making them suitable for doctors’ rooms, hotels and all internal public areas. As with air conditioning, responsible management of the quality of air is a must.