When specifying cladding, fire safety has been front of mind for architecture and design professionals – particularly since the disastrous Greenwell Tower fire in June 2017, further compounded by the fire at Melbourne high-rise apartment tower on Spencer Street in 2019, which was fuelled by combustible cladding. In line with that, sharp focus on fire safety has been underpinning the all-important choice of facade solutions for any industry professionals. With AI Panel’s Outdoor Range, that choice has never been easier.

AI Panel is one of Australia’s leading quality solid aluminium panel producers, and their non-combustible Outdoor Range enables architects and designers to combine safety, performance, quality and sustainability, with an ability to bring their design vision to life through a broad choice of finishes.

The high-quality 5052 marine grade aluminium panels are made with a non-combustible material with good thermal connectivity. The panels also come tested to both AS1530.1 and AS1530.3, which means they’re classified as 100% non-combustible – and suitable for the building industry and cladding projects.

The panels come in light-weight sheets, without compromising on the strength, durability and corrosion resistance aluminium is renowned for. This enables architects and specifiers to achieve flat, even surfaces. Importantly, alongside structural precision, industry professionals don’t have to trade-off their design vision, either – these impressive practical qualities of aluminium are matched by the collection’s extensive range of matte colours and finishes.

The selection of colour coated solid aluminium (PVDF Matte) Wood Finish is the perfect alternative for combustible timber cladding. A much safer choice for architects and specifiers who want to recreate the natural, warm, wooden look without compromising fire safety, the range is easy to install, maintenance-free and durable – qualities that timber can't match to the same extent.

The Speciality & Neutral Colours range has been designed to achieve striking architectural designs by generating symmetric and cohesive visual outcomes. For more definition - and perhaps more drama - architects and designers can opt for Deep Colours. From rich black and elegant navy to shades of lemon, emerald and red, this selection is bound to generate a more pronounced look, while providing a hard-wearing finish that will withstand any weather conditions.

Lastly, the Metallic Colours can truly make an edifice shine. Inspired by metallic elements and alloys, this range can be utilised to accentuate innovative design features, or elevate a project with a sense of luxury and elegance. The character of the colours also means the angle and changing lighting provide additional dimension to this sublime selection.

All panels come in a 2mm – or 3mm for enhanced durability – and in sizes ranging from 2400 x 1200mm and 3000 x 1500mm to 3600 x 1200mm and 4000 x 1500mm. They can be fabricated to fit virtually any application, and with extreme resistance to UV and other external elements guaranteed for up to two decades, these versatile panels come with a 20 years colour warranty.