Designed to truly lean into the architects’ unique design vision, AI Panel Architectural Range of aluminium cladding can help bring even the most ambitious interior design to life. Through a unique combination of performance, strength, compliance and virtually unlimited design potential, the Architectural Range truly embodies the notion of “Aluminium Innovation” from which the AI Panel’s brand name is derived.

With commitment to safety and compliance underpinning the company’s comprehensive offering, the panel in the Architectural Range has been tested to both AS1530.1 and AS1530.3, and is classified as 100% non-combustible. The product has also been tested to AS5637.1-2015, which is required to obtain a B1 group number for internal use on walls.

The 1.6mm panel comes in three sizes – 2400 x 1200mm, 3000 x 1500mm, 3600 x 1200mm, all with a matte fire retardant vinyl finish. The product is available in an exhaustive range of truly inspired finishes and textures that range from Stone & Concrete and Designer Woods to Distressed Woods and Metals.

Between the range of Designer Wood and Distressed Wood, the Architectural Range encompasses a broad spectrum of timber patterns – but without the need for maintenance that wood traditionally requires. From the more refined, sophisticated and uniform side of timber textures, to the depth and of the more defined profiles, both ranges enable architects and designers to bring the classic look of wooden cladding indoors, while reaping the practical benefits of aluminium.

Further embracing the concept of unique textures, the Leather & Fabric range can bring a sense of cosy luxury and warmth to any interiors. From the organic texture of Latte Linen and structural appeal of Dual Wave Beige to the uncanny replication of the delicate leather texture across all three Leather colour options, this range is an original stand-out.

Equally as realistic, the Stone & Concrete range spans a wide selection of textures that oscillate between the more traditional Old Red Brick to the subtlety of White Wash Stone. In celebrating a rich variety of patterns, the range embraces a natural look that will inject poise and sophistication into any space.

Lastly, the Architectural Range boasts a comprehensive selection of Metals. The alluring appeal of the range is anchored in its potential to enhance visual interest, and accentuate innovative design applications through eye-catching dynamism of the finish. In addition, the range offers a variety of solutions to cover large areas.

This diverse collection of colours and textures, is underscored by the fact that the light-weight panel is extremely durable which enables architects to achieve flat and even surfaces that precisely reflect the nature of their designs.

The incredible potential of the 5052 marine grade aluminium panel is also elevated by the environmental profile of the product. Aluminium is corrosion-resistant, requires no maintenance and is recyclable, which means that the environmental advantage of the product is compounded throughout the lifecycle and at the end of life of the panel. With such strong environmental, safety, durability and design credentials, with Architectural Range, imagination truly is the only limit.