Record Automated Doors has added to the range of security entrance barriers with their heavy duty security bollards. 

The heavy duty crash rated vehicle bollard system is manufactured by Cova Security Gates, a European security company. Record Automated Doors has the exclusive licence for Cova products in Australia

The first installation of the heavy duty security bollards was at a security truck depot in Sydney. Record Automated Doors prepared the pit area through the cutting of the concrete road surface, and the excavation and removal of all spoil and waste from site. The new heavy duty security bollards were craned into position with reinforced concrete used to fill in the hole.

Record Automated Doors also completed the electrical and hydraulic works involved with the installation of the retractable bollards, including the fitting of new vehicle induction loops and controllers that can detect the presence of the entering/exiting vehicle, ensuring the heavy duty security bollards only rise at the appropriate time.

The two heavy duty security bollards measure 220mm in diameter and are made from 13mm thick steel. The security bollards are hot dipped galvanised and painted black with yellow reflective stickers.

The overall height of the heavy duty bollards when raised measures 1200mm.

The security bollards conform to PAS 68 crash rating, meaning they are designed and tested to withstand a vehicular impact of up to 7.5 tonnes at 80kph.