For some buildings, a simple straight sliding door does not offer the desired impact required by the client and architect.

As the main entrance of a building is the first point of contact for visitors, its impact should not be understated. The use of curved sliding doors is steadily becoming more common in Australia as they can provide a unique building entrance.

Record Automated Doors is the Australian agent for Record Automatic Doors, a manufacturer of automatic door systems that are designed and built in Switzerland. 

Through using this quality operator and using their own design skill and manufacturing expertise, Record Automated Doors custom builds a unique freestanding curved portal to support the operator and the curved sliding door wings. This portal has steel support posts, curved glass sidewalls, and canopy fascia that can be clad in mirror stainless steel, or anodised or powdercoated aluminium.

Record Automated Doors recently installed a curved sliding door in the Harrington Street facade of Grosvenor Place ground floor refurbishment in Sydney. The curved sliding door is totally clad in mirror stainless steel, with the sliding door panels in glass. 

A Starlight feature was created in the ceiling panels using over 100 LED lights. The LEDs combine to create an entrance that is guaranteed to produce a long lasting first impression.