Porte Cochere LED architectural luminaires from Aglo Systems were installed at the entrance of the new Crown Perth hotel to make an impressive statement.

Having worked with Crown Melbourne for over 5 years, Aglo Systems was commissioned to engineer and manufacture the Porte Cochere LED architectural light fittings along with several custom-built pieces for the new Crown Perth hotel. Aglo Systems worked in parallel with Bates Smart and Electrolight to deliver the project.

The Porte Cochere LED fittings consisted of a series of large, overlapping pendants ranging in size and shape from 3.5×3.5m up to 2.5×5.5m. Opal white diffusers on the inner and outer faces of the pendant provided even illumination, with a polished mirror rose gold finish on the top and bottom completing the pendant design.

Given the outdoor installation, it was important to select weatherproof materials such as stainless steel, acrylic and IP67 LED strips while still achieving a high-quality finish. Aluminium was also used to reduce weight to meet the load ratings of the ceiling structure and ease the installation process.