Aglo Systems provided lighting design services as well as LED light fittings to a home appliances showroom in Melbourne.

A Melbourne based importer and retailer of premium European and Australian brand household appliances, 8 Appliances built a new two-level showroom in Airport West, Vic. Aglo Systems was engaged by the store to supply LED fittings and lighting design services.

Aglo’s lighting designers worked off the floorplan for the proposed site, specifying the most suitable LED lights for the project. They also compiled a detailed lighting design, factoring in the relevant Building Code of Australia regulations as well as calculations for the lux levels to be achieved.

Times Mini, a small, track mounted spotlight was selected for merchandise highlighting as a less obtrusive option in a space with low ceiling height beneath the mezzanine. The same fitting was used on the mezzanine level for visual continuity. Pivo Midi snorkel downlights were used in each individually branded kitchen and bathroom mock display room to create an even illumination, and allowing for greater angling flexibility and up to 45° tilting.

The office area featured the more compact and sleek-looking Queens downlights while Galaxy highbays were suspended in the open ceiling void to illuminate the front entrance. A high CRI 90 in all the LED fittings ensures the white goods always look crispy clean; the colour temperature of 4000K also assures a cool white ambience.

Palida Midi floodlights and Shelley floodlights were supplied for the store’s external lighting and signage illumination.