Aerospace and Defence Products  have developed two new Marl LEDs, 256 and 257 Series, to directly replace MR16 and MR11 bulbs. For outstanding performance in accent and general lighting applications, Aerospace and Defence products have incorporated the latest LED technology.

The 256 and 257 Series Marl LED lamps can help to save on energy costs, offering savings of up to 80% when compared to standard dichroic equivalents. This is achieved by the reduced power consumption and long operating life of the LEDs. In an example where the LEDs are operated for 18 to 24 hours a day, a short payback period of less than 1 year is achievable.

The 256 Series MR16 LED lamps are based on Cree LED technology. These LEDs interface with all standard MR16 sockets, enabling direct replacement. They also produce light levels that are equivalent to halogen lamps up to 35W. Warm and cool white versions of the LED lamps are also available.

As maintenance free replacements for all MR16 type fittings, 256 Series LED lamps have no moving parts, fragile glass, mercury, toxic gasses, and no filament, and have the advantage of emitting no UV or IR in the light beam.

The 257 Series MR11 LED lamps interface with standard MR11 type sockets, enabling a straight forward replacement. There are two versions of 257 Series LED lamps available:

  • All-purpose LED lamps. They produce the amount of light equivalent to a 20W halogen light bulb 
  • Reading LED lamps. These LEDs produce the amount of light equivalent to a 10W halogen light bulb. This lamp is 10mm deeper than a conventional MR11 halogen light bulb whereas the reading lamp has an identical footprint for applications where space is limited
The 256 and 257 Series LED lamps are suitable for use in architectural, rail, commercial and retail purposes.