Advanced Underground Solutions  offers a wide range of pipe and cable locators. The RD4000 Pipe & Cable locator and Rycom 8869 Pipe & Cable locator consist of three antenna modes namely single peak, dual peak and null. They are available in two modes; the power mode and radio passive mode. They work with rechargeable or alkaline batteries. These locators are available with a large number of accessories. The Sewerin ELH6 G1 Pipe & Cable locator and the Sewerin ELG6 G2 Pipe & Cable locator can be used in three modes; the power mode, CP mode and the Radio Passive mode. They are offered with optional rechargeable battery system for receivers. They are also supported with a headphone output for noisy environments.

Advanced Underground Solutions also offers a wide range of Non Metalic Pipe Locators. The Sewerin Combiphon Non Metallic Water Mains Kit and Domestic Kit are used for locating non metallic water mains. They are available in remote control versions as well. The Traceable Rod systems are available in varied sizes and lengths. Advanced Underground Solutions also offers an ideal range of Sondes with varied frequencies.

Advanced Underground Solutions also offers a wide range of Cable Avoidance products. The Rycom 8872 Pipe & Cable Locator consists of three modes; the peak, power passive and null antenna mode. It is ideal for plumbers or domestic CCTV units to locate the Sondes. Advanced Underground Solutions also offers many other types of cable avoidance products.