ADI Australia  which is involved in providing displaywall systems and panels, also supplies a wide range of accessories along with the other products. These accessories are available in different colours and finish. The accessories from ADI Australia can be used in clear acrylic shelves as well as in chrome finished garment rails.

The accessories supplied by ADI Australia include wallstrips, arms, hangrails, acrylics and many more. The hangrail brackets and bars can be used in stores to display jeans and shirts. These hangrails and crossbars from ADI Australia also helps to maximise the display space within the store. ADI Australia also supplies a wide range of acrylic accessories including baskets, shelves, magazines and material display systems. The trims and edges from ADI Australia gives a finished look to the designwall display.

ADI Australia also manufactures gondolas and display stands which are durable and available in standard finish. The make of these display stands can also be customised to suit specific orders. These display stands are designed by ADI Australia according to the merchandise mix of specific businesses. The display stands which enhance the look of a store, are available in various sizes.