3M Scotch-Brite hand pads, available from Adept Industrial Solutions , can be used for fine cleaning and finishing. The hand pads can be used to clean plastics and metals, for scuffing paint and for rubbing finish coats.

Scotch-Brite 7447 General Purpose hand pads are universally used in a range of applications. The hand pads offer an excellent starting point to clean, finish, grain, denib and defuzz. The hand pads may be used by hand, with a hand block, or on an inline sander. The hand pads are manufactured from a fine grade aluminium oxide and are available in Maroon colour.

Scotch-Brite 7448 Ultra Fine hand pads are a popular conformable web and fine silicon carbide hand pad. The ultra fine hand pads are excellent for final finishing and light cleaning. The hand pads can be used by hand, with a hand block, or on an in-line sander. The abrasive mineral is ultrafine grade silicon carbide and the hand pads are available in a Light Grey colour.

Scotch-Brite 96 General Purpose scouring pads are the original scouring pad and performance pacesetter. The scouring pads can be used for everyday cleaning of most cooking utensils and equipment. The scouring hand pads replace steel wool and metal sponges and will not leave metal slivers in hands. The scouring pads are non-rusting and resilient and available in a Green colour.