Adept Industrial Solutions  presents the 3M Extreme sealing tapes designed to roll on fast, seal instantly, and stay tight.

Extremely fast, clean and easy to use, 3M Extreme 4411 and 4412 Series sealing tapes feature seal seams with roll-on speed for increased productivity and permanent strength for assured and consistent sealing results.

Offering high shear and peal strengths, 3M Extreme sealing tapes maintain the seal through heat, cold or harsh weather without cracking or edge lifting.

3M Extreme sealing tapes find application in trailer and RV roofs, metal enclosures, awnings, caravan roofs, metal buildings, vent stacks and vent windows, gutters and downspouts, skylights, outdoor signs/displays, leak patching and temporary repairs.

Key features of 3M Extreme sealing tapes:

  • Sticks on contact to many metals and plastics without drying time, dripping, oozing and clean-up problems
  • No sticky adhesive mess
  • Conforms over contours, edges, rivets and screw heads for watertight seal
  • No mess, caulking guns or empty cartridges
  • Paintable to colour-blend with adjoining surfaces
  • Neat and precise looking to improve aesthetics
  • Holds securely through sun, rain, snow, temperature extremes and abrasion
  • Stays flexible to compensate for vibration and thermal expansion/contraction
  • No cracking and crumbling
  • Proven outdoor durability

  • 4411G Colour matched to metal, thickness 1.0mm, width 50mm
  • 4411N Low profile or economical applications, thickness 1.0mm, width 50mm
  • 4412G Colour matched to metal, thickness 2.0mm, width 50mm
  • 4412N Most robust sealing performance, thickness 2.0mm, width 25, 50, 75 and 100mm
(N = Neutral/translucent, G = Grey)