Product description:
Klean Klay is a non drying, non hardening, no sulfur modelling clay that is used for a variety of applications. Klean Klay is non toxic, sanitary and odourless.

Klean Klay is easy to handle and work with and remains hand pliable at room temperature. Klean Klay keeps its smooth, firm consistency and retains the shape into which it is moulded.

Klean Klay modeling clay is a suitable model and mould making material for:

  • School arts and crafts
  • Taxidermy
  • RTV silicone rubber moulding
  • Architectural modelling
  • Fibreglass moulding
  • Metal casting
  • Cement casting
  • Forensic models
  • Claymations and/or special effects for stage or film

Four degrees of firmness are offered:

  • Soft
  • Regular
  • Firm
  • Extra firm
Regular and firm are used in several industrial and craft applications. 

Extra firm and soft are preferred in a few special applications. Klean Klay modelling clay is available from Adelaide Moulding and Casting Supplies.  Klean Klay is available in: 453gm - wrapped 2.2kg Box (5 x 453gm)22.5kg carton (50 x 453gm)