Apoxie Sculpt synthetic clay is used worldwide by hobbyists, sculptors, miniaturists and restorers to name a few. It is a choice of many motion picture studios, schools, museums, theme parks and aquariums. Apoxie Sculpt is available in three sizes and two colours, white and cream (natural) to suit all your creative needs.

Apoxie Sculpt synthetic clay adheres to almost any clean surface, including fibreglass, plastics, metals, foam and ceramics. It has a three hour work time and self-cures in 24 hours – no need for a kiln or oven. Apoxie Sculpt synthetic clay is economical yet offers superior performance. Apoxie Sculpt can be seamlessly feathered before setup, or sanded, tapped, lathed or otherwise tooled after. It is non-toxic and has no solvents or fumes. Cleaning up is easy with Apoxie Safety Solvent or soap and water.

Design, model making & theme park projects

Apoxie Sculpt synthetic clay can be used to create special effects. It can fill and cover seams; repair cracks; bond pieces together; fabricate parts; and create dioramas and relief maps, with great exterior quality.

Arts, crafts & hobbies

For the crafts, Apoxie Sculpt synthetic clay can be used to create special decor, figures, jewellery and original sculptures. It can be used with kits and models; to build detail; fill moulds; cover armatures and more.

Repairs & restorations

Apoxie Sculpt synthetic clay has endless uses. It can be used for antiques, toys, dolls, ceramics, pottery, vases, statues, museum and outdoor displays, tools and furniture. It has many home, school and professional uses.

Wildlife artists, doll makers & woodcarvers

Apoxie Sculpt can be used to create eye sets; fill and cover seams; cover armatures; fabricate or extend parts; create natural-looking trees, branches, leaves, rocks, bases, waterfalls and other scenic effects.

Apoxie Sculpt is available from Adelaide Moulding and Casting Supplies .