Adbri Masonry’s Beenleigh based plant manufactures pavers and concrete blocks. Adbri Masonry have integrated water conservation methods into the manufacturing process. The pavers and concrete blocks are manufactured, using rain water collected from the plants roof. This water is collected in two 10,000 litre rain water tanks.  

In 2008, various environmental initiatives resulted in the use of over 2 million litres of recycled water in the production of pavers and concrete blocks.        

Adbri Masonry have also implemented a system to collect the water run off from the kilns used to cure concrete blocks and transfer that water back into the concrete mixers. Different blocks and pavers which are manufactured by Adbri Masonry, generate a lot of steam that condenses into water, which is then also collected and recycled.    

Apart from pavers and blocks, Adbri Masonry manufacture a wide range of concrete products, including concrete and wet cast pavers, decorative wall claddings, retaining wall systems, and a range of environmental products.