Adbri Masonry supplied their Trihex interlocking pavers in made-to-order colours to help create an innovative paving design at the Wet’n’Wild Sydney waterpark.

Opened in the summer of 2013, Wet’n’Wild Sydney is one of the world’s most advanced waterparks featuring more than 40 slides and attractions, including some of the tallest and fastest water rides in the world. 

Landscape architects Site Image, building contractors Lipman Pty Ltd and paving contractor Sam The Paving Man were commissioned to develop all hard pedestrian areas of the new fun park.

The $115 million ‘beach within reach’ of Sydney’s south west encompasses an innovative landscape design with non directional pavers reducing visible straight lines, resulting in a stunning visual effect of tidelines around the park. 

Adbri Masonry’s Trihex pavers were supplied in seven specially selected Made To Order (MTO) colours, which were laid in a unique pattern to create the visual effect of a tideline left in the sand from a receding ocean. 

Adbri Masonry’s Trihex features a non-directional shape, which when installed shows minimal straight lines. Over 23,000m² of Trihex and Brickpave pavers were supplied and laid by hand for all pathways within the park. 

Adbri Masonry’s Contracting Services Team created a 100m² sample paved area to assist Site Image, Sam The Paving Man and Lipman Pty Ltd visualise the unique paving design and explore how different design elements would work together.

Site Image’s Tim Charles explained that the project utilised Adbri Trihex and Brickpave in all seven colours in a sinuous organic mix, with darker colours used at lower levels rising to lighter hues at the upper levels of the park. The universal pattern emulated the tidal wash lines of flotsam and jetsam seen on any Sydney beach after the tide has come and gone. Body paver colours transitioned at the ‘tidelines’ in a random natural manner. 

The heavy-duty commercial 'Type A' interlocking Trihex pavers are ideal for installation with a paving machine on large commercial projects including streetscapes and pedestrian footpaths; vehicular traffic areas; paved roads and carparks; and commercial and industrial pavements.

Adbri Masonry’s MTO service was conceptualised to provide architects and commercial builders the opportunity to create their own unique and personalised paver colours, allowing specifiers to put a stamp of individuality on their projects.

Key features of the Trihex Type A interlocking pavers include a unique shape to eliminate set lines; ability to create patterns and a continuous pavement; choice of smooth, honed or shotblast texture; seamless interlocking with Ecotrihex pavers; and suitable for machine laying.