The Action Switch Box, available from Action tanks , is a complete pre-assembled mains water diversion system for above ground tanks that automatically control the water supply for rainwater harvesting applications.

The features of the Switch Box includes:

  • Onga Pump SMH450 55L/min 32m/head
  • Onga Water Switch (watermarked)
  • 3/4 inch mains water inlet
  • 3/4 inch inlet strainer with isolation valve
  • 3/4 inch outlet isolation valve
  • ‘Mains Water Use’ indicator light
  • 1 inch tank water inlet
  • UV stabilised pump
The Switch Box offers the following benefits:

  • Automatically alternates between tank and mains water ensuring continuous supply
  • Convenient pre-assembled and easy to install
  • Significant reduction on installation cost for builder/trade
  • Reduced long-term maintenance cost for end-user
  • High-quality products and housed in UV-stabilised box for protection from the elements
  • Specifically designed with termite barrier recess
  • Does not void visible termite barrier
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Compact and available in colourbond colours
  • Sits neatly next to house or garage