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    Rainwater tanks and harvesting systems from Action Tanks

    Action Tank Industries

    Action Tank Industries  (ATI) manufacture a wide range of high quality rainwater tanks and harvesting systems made from 100% Australian Polyethylene.

    The range has now expanded to include new metal slimline tanks to meet the market demand and enable ATI to provide a product that meets all customers’ needs.

    With 26 years experience, ATI manufacture high quality child safe tanks that meet Australian Standards. Action Tank Industries have introduced the child safe insert as a safety device for rainwater tanks, which has led the industry.

    Action Tank Industries can meet the clients’ project needs with above ground and underground rain water harvesting systems.

    From automatic mains water diversion systems to trickle-feed top up units, there is a system to suit the building requirements.

    The Action Tank systems are easy to install and can be used for residential, commercial and industrial applications, with cells combined to create large reservoirs. They can also be adapted to retention / detention requirements for commercial communities.

    Underground tanks and harvesting systems
    These systems are available in 3000L, 4550L, 5000L capacities, with the ability to combine for large capacity requirements.

    Above ground tanks and harvesting system
    Action Tanks' above ground tanks and harvesting systems are available in smooth wall, corrugated and slimline profiles, from 300L to 23,600L.

    Round tanks 9000L – 23,000L

    • RPT 520023, 600L / 5200 Gallons
    • RPT 3000 - 13500L / 3000 Gallons
    • RPT 20009000L / 2000 Gallons

    Round tanks 3000L - 5000L

    • RPT 1100 – Squat tank - 5000L / 1100 Gallons
    • CPT 11005000L / 1100 Gallons
    • RPT 660 -3000L / 660 Gallons

    Round tanks up to 2400L

    • RPT 520 -2400L / 520 Gallons
    • CPT 450 - 2000L / 450 Gallon
    • RPT 320 - 500L / 320 Gallons
    • CPT - 1000L / 208 Gallons

    Slimline tanks

    • SPT5000 -5000L / 1100 Gallons
    • SPT 3500 - 3500L / 770 Gallons
    • SPT 2500 - 2500L / 555 Gallons
    • SPT 136 - 600L / 136 Gallons
    • SPT 80 - 300L / 80 Gallons

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