Available from Acryloc Building Products , Wallcote Pro Render is a quality cement based render. This cement based polymer modified render contains acrylic powder to increase adhesion and strength, washed and graded silica sands, and proprietary additives to aid workability.

Acryloc Wallcote Pro Render cement based render is suitable for a varied selection of domestic and commercial wall rendering applications.

Wallcote Pro Render cement based render has a high compressive and flexural strength, making it particularly suitable for high density substrates. The cement render can also be applied as a thin section skim coat on sound surfaces.

With strong adhesion, excellent durability, and water and crack resistance, this cement based render is simple to apply and is easy and safe to clean up.

When applied correctly, Wallcote Pro Render cement based render is covered by a 10 year Coating Systems warranty.

The low maintenance cement based render is suitable on the following substrates when properly prepared:

  • Cement Render and Concrete Blocks
  • Concrete and Clay Brickwork
  • Expanded Polystyrene
  • Tilt panel walls
  • Other primed exterior surfaces
  • Other proprietary cladding systems (subject to manufacturer’s recommendations)