Acrylic Coatings Australia  manufactures and distributes extensive range of paint products, such as trowel on coatings, spray on coatings, roll on coatings and textured coatings for commercial, residential and industrial painting requirements. Acrylic Coatings Australia also supplies specialised paint products and paint preparation products and accessories. Acrylic Coatings Australia manufactures specific textured designs for specialised projects.

The Acrylite Trowel on coating supplied by Acrylic Coatings Australia is an acrylic based coating that consists of texture building ingredients and high grade acrylic emulsion. The Acrylite Trowel on coatings are applied with a stainless steel trowel or with a hopper gun. The trowel on coatings can be applied in a travertine or circular pattern to give a textured look and feel to the walls. The trowel on coatings from Acrylic Coatings Australia can be tinted with a wide range of colours and can be over coated with Acrylite Flex to give water proof and stain resistant finish to the walls.

The range of trowel on coatings manufactured by Acrylic Coatings Australia includes different finishes such as, Strike-Styrene Float, Plastic trowel, Swirl-Styrene Float, Trowel and sponge, Finecoat, Sandcoat and Trowel and Lambswool mitt finishes.