Available now from ACO Polycrete, the ShowerDrain Gully is a residential drainage system designed for optimum performance, aesthetics and safety.

ShowerDrain Gully is a compact bathroom floor point residential drainage system that is available in a wide selection of highly aesthetic foot friendly grates.

Specifically designed for the drainage of residential wet areas, the ShowerDrain Gully is manufactured from 100%, 304 grade stainless steel and available in 150mm x 150mm and 200mm x 200mm tile insert grates, or can be built to custom requirements.

The ShowerDrain Gully residential drainage system is easily secured into the topping screed, which is ideal for retrofitting the system to existing bathrooms, as well as fitting into new ones.

With seven grate options available, including the unique Linéaire patented Australian made grate with anti-slip features, there is sure to be a ShowerDrain Gully drainage system for every bathroom design.

These drainage systems are usually installed in the middle of the shower area or as an overflow relief gully within the bathroom. They can also be installed in hobless or level access applications for uninterrupted safety of passage.