ACO Polycrete  offers one of the industry’s widest ranges of plastic cable pits for the electrical and communications industries.  

Robust, durable and UV stable, these cable pit enclosures offer an effective economic solution for light duty applications. The polyethylene material contains no toxic heavy metals and is safe for the environment.  

ACO’s plastic cable pits range comprises of injection and rotational moulded bodies. For most sizes, innovative product design has been used to overcome some of the mechanical weaknesses inherent to plastic.  

Ever since the introduction of plastic for these applications, manufacturers have experimented with ribs for increased strength but often walls would still distort when placed in unstable soils.  

ACO’s newly designed plastic cable pits have straight sidewalls with moulded continuous ribs for the efficient transfer of loads without causing additional stress to the structure.  

The designs have undergone a finite element analysis (FEA) to ensure the most effective design for their intended use and polyethylene cable pits have been physically tested in an independent test laboratory.  

To facilitate easy installation along cable routes, these pits are lightweight and easy to cut. The walls are designed with versatile cut-off points allowing contractors to either extend or reduce the depth of the enclosure to suit the arrangement of the cables along the cable route.  

Each pit is available with a choice of a wide range of lids and weather-resistant access covers. There are also provisions in the wall for the quick fitting of locking brackets for ACO’s patented PowerLok lid.