Access Platform Systems' Access Truss System is a modular aluminium access truss system that has considerably greater loading capabilities than other traditional means of height access systems such as scaffolding.  

The APS Access Truss System is also fully mobile and has a multi-level capability where up to seven levels can be hung.  

Benefits of APS Access Truss System

The APS Access Truss System is a suspended access platform that has been designed to enable safe access areas such as building facades, underneath bridges, dam walls and power station boilers to name but a few.  

Benefits of the access truss include:  


The APS Access Truss System is a modular unit requiring only 5 retaining bolts per module for it to bolt together. This gives The APS Access Truss System a faster and less labour-intensive installation time when compared with traditional high access methods  

Huge load-bearing capabilities  

The APS Access Truss System has the capacity to take 5tonne point loads  

Multi-level facility  

This multi-level facility enables works on a building to be carried out quicker.  

Long-spanning distances  

Between hoists the APS access truss spans 21m. APS Access Truss System does not scar the building. The APS Access Truss System is hung from above via needles and or beams.  

This means that there are no scars left on the building when APS Access Truss System is removed from the building on completion of works  

Completely mobile  

The APS Access Truss uses a heavy-duty man-rated hoisting system. The hoisting speed of the hoisting system is 6m per minute and is fully compliant with the Australian standards.