Glass mosaic from Academy Tiles include Vetricolor, Le Gemme, Gloss, Smalto, Aria, Gold Glass, Random Glass Blends, Opus Romano Blends, Colori Square, Colori Round, Glass Mosaic Decorations and Shading Blends.

Grout products from Academy Tiles include Vetricolor, Gloss, Aria, Random Glass Blends, Porcelain Micromosaic Square, Porcelain Micromosaic Rectangular, Ceramic Micormosaic Square, Ceramic Mosaic Rectangular and Metallic Mosaic.

In addition to selecting the preferred grout colour, Academy Tiles also allows the option of creating customised blends from various Bisazza mosaic range. These grouts are available in 10mm, 12mm and 20mm measurements.

Academy Tiles uses a comprehensive range of tile products in its projects. For bathrooms, Academy Tiles uses Nouvelle Vague tiles and Red liquid floor tiles. For swimming pools, Emerald liquid floor tiles, blue mosaic and sandstone coloured vitrified tiles are used. While for kitchens, Academy Tiles uses hand-crafted Italian clay mosaic blends. These mosaic blends are made up of irregular-sized pieces which are arranged on a 30x30cm mesh-backed sheet.

Another range of tiles from Academy Tiles called rectified vitrified tiles are suitable for high traffic floor and wall applications. These vitrified tiles are available in 10 x 10cm, 20 x 20cm, 30 x 30cm sizes.