Overhead projection screens supplied by ABP Allboards include manual pull down screens, OHP Screens on tripod and adjustable wall mounted screens. Manual pull down screens are used for wide viewing angles in various light levels and are available in standard sizes from 1270 X 1270mm to 2440 X 2440mm dimensions. OHP screen on tripod offers portable viewing surface to suit any venue. Adjustable wall mounted screens allow screens to swivel, tilt and be folded against the wall and are available in sizes of 900 X900mm and 1200 X 1200mm dimensions. The projection screens are available in matte white and silver colours.

Bulletin pinboards are manufactured with bulletin board material in order to feature a pinning surface. These pinboards are available in a wide range of colours to complement the décor. The pinboards have a high density of 6mm thick material which is durable and washable with self healing pin holes.

Cork pinboard is manufactured with 6mm granulated cork and is an economical pinning surface which suits all general work. The cork pinboards are available in three frame types, namely Ultraline, Fineline and Elite and are made of clear anodised aluminium.

In addition to this lockable noticeboard, whiteboard and chalkboard accessories are are also offered by ABP Allboards.