The ABB RoomTouch KNX display is a capacitive multi-control element for intelligent controlling of room functions across residential and commercial spaces. Suitable for homes as well as hotel rooms, offices and medical practices, ABB RoomTouch features a super-slim 11mm design, a sleek metal frame and high-quality glass panel as well as choice of stylish black or white finishes.

The KNX display’s simple and intuitive iconography reduces the complexity of the device and allows all daily routines in smart living from lighting, blinds, scenes and time programs to room temperature, data from your weather station and audio to be easily controlled by one device. The user-friendly design, for instance, allows you to gently swipe up to open the blinds or swipe down to shut them. Personalised room scenes can be created, such as a movie setting where the blinds are closing, and the lights dim down with one simple touch on the panel. The panel can also be controlled by sliding through the menu or tapping to confirm an operation, like switching on the lights.

For added energy savings, the device features a quick standby mode when the room becomes dark and turns on automatically when it senses the presence of someone close by. It also offers a day and night mode to complement the lighting of the room.

Before installation, users can decide if they want to install the display in landscape or portrait form.

Key feature highlights of the ABB RoomTouch KNX display include up to 30 control elements; full hand activation of a pre-defined ‘coming in’ scene or function; acoustic and haptic feedback; integrated proximity and brightness sensor; integrated room temperature controller; anti-glare mode for use in dark; integrated binary input; integrated external temperature sensor input; and commissioning via ETS5 and DCA tool.

ABB RoomTouch KNX display - portrait or landscape

The HD IPS touch-display can be mounted in landscape format or portrait format for intelligent building control (alignment to be fixed on the construction site).

ABB RoomTouch KNX display dark mode

Anti-glare mode for use in the dark.

30 control elements

Up to 30 control elements in one device in an elegant, flat design.