Aalta Screen Systems  offer a wide variety of outdoor fabrics that can withstand diverse environmental conditions and can be used for a range of awning and shade applications.

The Eclissi fabric is made for Corradi, with strict specifications, and is PVC coated on both sides. The 100% 1100 dtex polyester outdoor fabric weighs approximately 780 g/m2 with a tensile strength of 3000 n/5cm. It is 100% impermeable and has a warp and weft tearing resistance of 400 N that is extremely important for wind resistance.

Docril Acrylic is woven acrylic fabric that can be used for a variety of external awnings and blinds. Advanced fabric treatments of the Docril Acrylic outdoor fabrics provide lasting protection from harsh climates, offering protection of outdoor areas. With a Teflon finish the fabric is water resistant, UV treated, and Mildew and rot resistant, and is available in a range of 40 colours.

Soltis outdoor fabrics are manufactured in accordance with Precontraint Ferrari patented technology and help to maintain ambient indoor temperatures by providing thermal protection against heat. The textiles can withstand temperatures from -30ºC to +70ºC while maintaining flexibility and can also tolerate wind tunnel tests. 

Outlook Mesh is a PVC coated polyester mesh that provides protection from the sun, while permitting air circulation without compromising the view. 

PVC is designed so that it can be utilised on a variety of light outdoor structures. The surfaces of the PVC outdoor fabric can be cleaned easily while colour stability over many years is provided through innovative pigment technology.

Clear PVC is widely used for outdoor blinds on restaurants, cafes and verandas and is available in thicknesses of .5mm and .75mm. The clear PVC outdoor fabric can be prone to degradation and may become brittle and yellow over time due to exposure to pollutants and ultra-violet light.