Stripes are back in style for awnings and retractable shade systems, according to Aalta Screen Systems with recent projects indicating a shift from the previously trending neutral palettes.

There was a time when awnings meant stripes in different colour combinations with khaki green and beige being one of the more popular choices in both residential and commercial segments.

The trend moved towards more sophisticated looks using neutral palettes of plain white, off-white, taupe, latte, cacao or even the simple and elegant charcoal. However, from a design perspective, plain whites, taupes and charcoals on awnings or sun shade systems do not suit all homes and commercial places. These places need a different finish on their awnings, something that will make them pop, even draw attention to the awning rather than divert the gaze away to other elements in the area.

Choosing stripes for awnings doesn’t mean one is left only with the old, boring khaki and beige combination, with Aalta Screen Systems offering several attractive striped options for awnings and retractable shade systems.

A recent project completed for a home in the eastern suburbs of Sydney saw the installation of a bold blue and white striped BX260 folding arm awning, helping the homeowner match up their Mediterranean-look backyard with the stripes.

In another instance, a primary school in Victoria installed a huge retractable roof over the play area, allowing children to play outside even on rainy days. On sunny days, the roof retracts to allow the sun into the playground. This large multi-coloured awning was made from panels of Ferrari 502 fabric (a PVC coated polyester cloth) welded together to create a structure with high aesthetic appeal and functional value.

According to Aalta Screen Systems, stripes are better than plain, neutral colours on awnings and shade structures as they make an impressive and eye-catching statement. The awnings can be playful when bright colours are used for the stripes, or sophisticated if muted colours are used. The coloured stripes can also combine the two to stand out from the rest. From a functional perspective, striped awnings and shade systems hide unsightly dirt marks better.