Envirocare Fluoropolymer PVF3, presented by Australian Aluminium Finishing , is the most durable architectural organic coating system currently available in the market. Backed by over 40 years proven performance of the earlier generation PVF2, Envirocare PVF3 offers improved performance without the use of harsh solvents.

A result of the cooperation between Dulux and AAF, this new generation Envirocare Fluoropolymer PVF3 organic coatings has been manufactured and tested in accordance with AAMA 2605 standards.

Envirocare Fluoropolymer PVF3 is the highest grade of architectural metal coating available, featuring the very best warranty grade polyesters, with 7½ times greater colour retention.

It comes in an exclusive range of popular architectural colours available "off the shelf", and other available colours made to order.