Automatic door operators from AAA Door Closers are suitable for a range of different door types - whether it is a revolving door at the entrance to a corporate building or aiding the access of disabled persons to particular premises.

Revolving door operators
Revolving doors are commonly seen on commercial, office and department store entrances. The automatic door operators used for this type of door turn the door continually. These automatic door operators are suitable to be fitted to revolving doors made of glass, aluminium and timber as well as doors that have two or more compartments that swing around in a circle to allow the person access.

The automatic door operators are either located in the floor at the base of the door or in the roof at the top of the door. They also come with a safety stop button which allows the doors to be turned off in an emergency situation.

Sliding door operators
Sliding doors are usually found in shopping centres, hospitals, offices and hotels. These doors are powered by drive technology which means that they can be opened automatically without the need for any manual intervention. They come with either single or double doors and can be programmed to open automatically with either an electric magnetic key when access to a particular area is restricted or with a push open and exit button.

Swing door operators
Swing doors are suitable for areas of high traffic usage. When fitted with automatic door operators these doors are ideal for people with disabilities because no manual labour is necessary to open and close the doors. Swing doors can also detect when an obstacle has been placed in the pathway of the door and they will remain open until it has been removed.

The design of these doors incorporates a back up battery in case of power failure and they can be programmed to synchronize with other automatic doors to be part of an escape route in an emergency. Swing doors can also be fitted with a range of accessories including sensory detection equipment, remote key and electronic key access.