A1 Roofing  specialises in offering traditional slate roofing systems. These slate roofing systems from A1 Roofing is managed by father and son team and offers range of complete repairing solutions. The repairing solutions are offered to all types of roofs around Australia. A1 Roofing considers that laying of slate roofs as an art where an individual piece of slate is placed on the line of roof pitch. This laying process is considered as an ancient craft.

The services of A1 Roofing include the supply and fixing of Eternite man-made slates which are laid in the traditional way, fixed with crampons and copper nails. A1 Roofing also supplies man-made interlocking slate as well as terracotta interlocking roof tiles. The roofing system from A1 Roofing is fixed centrally and different forms of shingles like concrete, cedar have been used by A1 Roofing.

Restoration of heritage building with Chinese slates using copper nails at Mc. Burney Street, terracotta plain tiles which are imported with custom made hip and valley tiles at Redan Street, restoration of new slate roof garden and Chinese slates fixed with stainless steel hooks at Khartoum Avenue are some of the projects carried out by A1 Roofing.