Giant Inflatables  offer a range of inflatable warehouse/inflatable store or multi use buildings. They can also customise any size temporary modular inflatable buildings.

Storage space and warehousing may often exceed the available brick and mortar areas that are available. Giant Inflatables design and customise their products to meet all temporary space requirements. Typical module size is 9m x 6m and 6m x 4m.

Optional fittings for inflatable modular buildings include: fixed ends, door sized openings and emergency exits, ventilation, lighting, windows, sealed floors and joining strips.

These inflatable structures are:

  • Environmentally friendly, in design, material and energy use
  • Technically simple to erect
  • Modular in design and can expand to any size required
  • Can be sealed and environmentally controlled
  • Are stable in almost all weather conditions
  • Compact when stowed