The Western Business Accelerator and Centre for Excellence by Six Degrees Architects was the winner of the Large Commercial category prize at the 2015 Sustainability Awards. Six Degrees’ holistic approach to sustainability for the project was applauded by the expert judges who selected the project from a strong field of five finalists and a record number of entries. Scroll to the bottom to see comments on this ground breaking technology from our jury. 

The Western Business Accelerator and Centre for Excellence (BACE) is a building designed with sustainability in mind and then practice.

Envisioned as a community hub within the city of Melton, the facility is comprised of 3000sqm of office space, training and business function centres, a café as well as an outdoor area.

For occupant comfort and environmental sensitivity, the floor plan, building orientation and glazing have all been carefully considered.

The BACE facility offers affordable spaces for lease, business coaching, vocational education, co-working spaces and meeting rooms accessible by local businesses and the community.

Originally conceived as a five on the Green Star rating scheme, Six Degrees Architects instead delivered a 6 star accredited building, representing 'world leadership' in environmentally sustainable design.


  • Internal walls are generally non-loadbearing to enable reconfiguration in the future without expensive structural works
  • High efficiency ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Use of low internal emission materials
  • Car park designed with low energy concrete paving, green areas and stormwater management to maximize environmental benefits
  • Use of recycled and reclaimed materials
  • Best practice PVC or PVC free alternatives have been used for items such as flooring tiles, cabling, conduit and piping.
  • On-site maintenance facility with space to store and sort recyclable materials.
  • 60kW photovoltaic system provides electricity to the base building such that it is carbon positive.
  • A system of piped recycled water installed to be used for all toilet and landscaping uses
  • Roof drainage collected and retained in a 100,000 litre rainwater storage tank for landscape use
  • Significant re-vegetation and wetland construction to increase biodiversity and reduce stormwater discharge into street drainage system.

Awards Jury Citation

“The architect’s above and beyond approach to this project resulted in a building that surpassed client expectations in sustainability. This is a great example of where a designer can, through their own initiative, deliver a world’s best practice environmentally sensitive building. Six Degrees’ attention to restoring the adjacent wetlands is testament to the fact the sustainability is much more than just being about energy performance and more about its holistic nature.”

“This project sets a great standard for other buildings in this new green field site.”

knauf_finalist.pngThe award for Large Commercial was proudly sponsored by Knauf Insulation