The Sydney Commonwealth Parliament Offices (CPO) provide accommodation for Australian Federal Government Ministerial and parliamentary staff including Sydney-based Ministers, the Leader of the Opposition, visiting Senators and Members and the Prime Minister. It also provides an important portal for Australian Parliamentarians when meeting and collaborating with local and international guests and dignitaries.

The offices are located across three floors of the 6 Star Green Star office tower 1 Bligh Street and were designed to achieve a 6 Star Green Star Interiors v1.1 rating while integrating seamlessly with the high environmental credentials of the base building.

The main aspiration of the brief was to ensure the fit out reflected the unique nature and character of Sydney, maintaining a timelessness and value for money that would endure a significant lease period. This aspiration was founded on local qualities such as natural daylight, views, transparency, coastal form and local materials.

A high quality design standard which aligned with a functional material aesthetic and facilitated cultural change was required while achieving a high degree of security and amenity within the context of a contemporary office and parliamentary fit out.

The fit out was designed to take full advantage of 1 Bligh’s double skin facade ability to naturally ventilate the floor plate. The internal skin has a series of access doors which were designed to be connected to a weather sensor and mechanical system so one could open the facade in favourable conditions.

The double skin internal blinds were reprogrammed so that they relate to each individual space and could be controlled by the user within the space.

Key initiatives:

  • Workspace planned and designed to optimise environmental attributes
  • Embrace and enhance the base buildings attributes
  • Environmentally certified workstations, tables, chairs, flooring, storage and joinery
  • Low emission carpets, paints and sealants
  • Indoor trees/large plants to improve air quality
  • Naturally ventilated breakout spaces
  • Energy efficient lighting and equipment
  • Good levels of daylight and access to external views
  • Water-efficient fittings and fixtures
  • Location in a 6 Star Green Star rated building with dedicated cyclist facilities and access to public transport networks
  • Use of reusable modular elements
  • Ceiling tiles returned to manufacturer for recycling
  • Waste management plan for operational waste
  • Responsible timber and PVC sourcing

Photography by Tyrone Branigan