Simpson Construction Co offices have been built for the long term benefit of the company and as such it was designed to be inherently sustainable at an environmental, social and economic level. All aspects of the project were investigated and thoroughly discussed with the client to optimise the building’s flexibility and durability from both local and communal perspectives.

The offices are located in a light industrial zone in Burwood, Melbourne, characterised by nondescript box-like buildings with undulating asbestos corrugated roofs and deep median strips populated with workers’ vehicles.

It was into this environment that the new work place was inserted, one which is to give office workers relief from their paperwork and calculators, provide seminar and training space for construction teams and create an identity for the future.

The building has been designed for the temperate climate of Melbourne and so consequently has been able to engage with significant areas of glazing, albeit low-e performing double glazing to insulate and reduce heat transmission, provide high levels of daylight which provides a greater degree of comfort and less reliance on electricity to power artificial lighting.

The walls, ceilings and floors are well insulated and glazing is sensibly orientated with vertical, awning and horizontal blinds to provide protection against the summer heat.

Key initiatives:

  • Low energy embodiment construction
  • Enhanced insulation
  • Universal natural ventilation
  • Hydronic heating
  • Pervasive daylighting with solar protection to glazing
  • Sensor controlled artificial lighting not generally needed during the day
  • Photovoltaic solar energy system
  • Water recycling
  • Low maintenance obligations
  • Flexibility of space
  • Enhanced social spaces

Photography by John Gollings