From the architects:

Nestled within the busy urban landscape, QC Chambers operates as a quiet space of contemplation for a QC within the Melbourne CBD.

Functioning as a workplace and meeting place, it is also a space to contemplate, a moment of respite from the daily happenings of the court – an opportunity to recharge and think ahead of the next case.

The Chambers pivot around an artwork, Plate Glass 2, by Melbourne artist Sam Shmith. The urban train scene expressed, reinterprets the views out to the skyline beyond.

Black tones throughout the space and lighting by Christopher Boots continue the dialogue with the artwork, offering shifting perspectives of the art, the chambers, and the city itself and a space which provides ongoing contemplation and inspiration.

The chambers challenge the conventional perception of how a QC thinks and works. The functional brief is accommodated within highly sculptural design elements. The design oscillates between the pragmatic and the poetic, offering continual creative stimulation through the ongoing dialogue between the artwork and the interior architecture.

Tasmanian Oak veneer joinery mimics the city skyline and extends from the deep green carpet, counterbalancing the dark tones, and housing the necessities of the working chambers. 

A meeting table in the centre of the room greets guests, while a Churchill inspired standing desk on the far wall grants opportunities to work throughout the chambers.

QC Chambers reinterprets the traditional urban life of a barrister, expressing it in a contemporary way.